Jennifer Martin

Wildlife, Underwater, and Aerial Photographer


I’m Jennifer Martin. By profession I’m a design and emerging technology leader, but my true passion is photography.
My first memory of photography was a class in the 10th grade at Santa Monica High School in California. I had a 35mm film camera and spent hours in the darkroom dodging and burning and experimenting with techniques like solarisation. I still remember the pungent chemical smell of the developer and fixer. I actually received a “D” grade because I didn’t know that attendance counted and I was in a rebellious phase.
I considered a career in photography, and even attended the University of Southern California’s film school, but I had an early quarter-life crisis and wound up in tech at the end of the dot com bubble. I met my soul mate and, by pure coincidence, he was also fond of photography. We both worked pretty demanding corporate jobs, and used travel and photography as a way to relax.
I planned all of our holidays around going somewhere to photograph something: landscapes in the southwestern United States, polar bears in Canada, wildlife in East Africa, and snow monkeys in Japan. I took a two-year assignment in Australia, which turned into a permanent relocation and dual-citizenship. Australia’s laidback lifestyle and natural beauty inspired me. I learned how to photograph the night sky. I fell in love with abstract aerial photography. I experimented with lightpainting and photographing water drops and bubbles and smoke. And I met my personal icon, the Australian sea lion.
I was frequently asked if I sell or exhibit my images, but photography was always something that I did for myself. I didn’t want the stress of “getting the shot” or having to focus on scenes and subjects that people would buy. I also love many genres of photography and didn’t want to limit myself to one specialty.
Covid hit me pretty hard emotionally. I was fortunate to be able to work from home, but my travel wings were clipped. I spent a lot of lockdown buried in my Lightroom catalog, processing images I’d overlooked and reliving past experiences. And that’s when it hit me.
I’m an artist. I love the process of creating, and I create entirely for myself. I didn’t need to change; I just needed to share my work. And it turned out that sharing the world that I’ve captured in pixels reinvigorated my creativity. I also launched into crypto art, which blends my passions of photography and emerging technology and aligns with my minimalist lifestyle. Check out my genesis collection on Sloika



I also sell prints and digital images, so please contact me for more information.


I hope that my work resonates with you, and that it inspires you to explore and create.